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Polaris® Generators

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The need for a backup power source can arise at any moment and it’s important to be prepared. As you probably know, there are several different brands of generators on the market. The brand and model you choose will depend on your intended use for the machine. Polaris® offers a few different models that are suitable for different situations. At Okeson Offtrail Sales, we’re pleased to announce that we carry residential Polaris® generators. We’ve gathered some highlights on these great products below so you can decide which one is best for your needs.

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Polaris® P1000i

If you want something that’s light, compact, and easy to transport then you’re in luck. The lightest model is the Polaris® P1000i, which is a mere 36.4 lbs so you should have no trouble transporting it. This model offers impressive fuel efficiency with one tank of gas allowing it to run for more than 20 hours at 25% load. This particular Polaris® generator is excellent for tailgating and powering smaller electronics like your laptop or TV when you’re away from home.

Polaris® P2000i

The engine produces 173 horsFor a step up, consider the Polaris® P2000i, which weighs 53.3 lbs and offers the same amount of power with a tank of gas as the previously mentioned model. Although, this model comes with multiple 120-volt AC outlets and a 12-volt DC outlet with circuit breaker protection.

Polaris® P3000iE

The next and final model in the series is the Polaris® P3000iE, which is robust enough to power any outdoor activity. It’s equipped with a 30 amp outlet for those higher output needs, like standby power in the midst of a storm outage. You’ll love the convenience of an electric start, which requires minimal effort and allows this Polaris® generator to run for an amazing 21 hours at 25% load.

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